Removing Stain On Silver Tablecloth

Dec 10th

Silver Tablecloth – Tablecloths and napkins are the fabrics that are most exposed to all types of stains, especially at these parties, and washing them can become a real nightmare. Cleaning them only with soap sometimes is not enough since there are stains that are difficult to eliminate, such as oil and red wine. In these cases is when you have to resort to old homemade tricks. To eliminate these types of spots, so typical of these dates, there are several homemade tricks.

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Possibly the best known is to cover the stain with salt and let it act for a while. Then, remove the salt and you will see how the stain has disappeared. This only works if the wine has just spilled on the silver tablecloth. Another homemade trick to eliminate red wine stains is to mix in equal parts laundry detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Pour the mixture over the stain, rub it gently and you will see how in a few minutes it begins to disappear.

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If the silver tablecloth, you can apply a little lemon juice on the stain. Its acids will not only help you eliminate it but will also whiten the tablecloth. To combat red wine, nothing better than white wine! To do this, sprinkle the red spot with white wine happily, soak it, rinse it with very hot water and let it dry.

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